Quantum™ Mobile Alerting and Management

Mobile Alert Monitoring

Quantum™ Mobile, a comprehensive mobile alerting and monitoring tool, is a full-featured alternative to pagers. Quantum™ Mobile helps reduce response times, improve caregiver efficiency and eliminate redundancy by allowing staff members to claim alerts. Resident wellness check-in reports and Quantum™ wanderer transmitter status are also viewable in Quantum™ Mobile, enabling staff to remotely check on a resident’s welfare.


Built For Reliability

Quantum™ Mobile was built for redundancy from the ground up. In the unlikely event of a network or phone failure, the system can immediately detect the failure and reroute alarms to alternative devices, such as pagers or text messages.

Complete Documentation

Quantum™ Mobile documents the sequence of events for all alarms, providing a detailed record of who received, claimed and responded to the alarm, along with response time.


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