Quantum Mobile Alerting and Management

Quantum Mobile Alarm insights

Mobile Alert Monitoring

Quantum Mobile, a comprehensive smartphone alerting, monitoring, and communication app, is a full-featured alternative to pagers. Quantum Mobile helps reduce response times, improve caregiver efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and reduce response times by allowing staff members to claim the alerts that they are responding to.

Caregiving and Communication Tools

Resident wellness check-in reports and Quantum wander management band tests are also available in Quantum Mobile, enabling staff to remotely check on a resident’s welfare.

Caregivers can communicate with built in text messaging, and all messages sent are logged by the Quantum system.

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Care Tracking

Document and analyze care provided to residents with the Care Tracking features built in to Quantum. With just a few taps, Quantum Mobile makes it easy for caregivers to record the care that they provide to residents.

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