Quantum™ Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System

The Quantum™ Nurse Call system is designed to provide a comprehensive, scalable nurse call solution that meets both budget and community size requirements. Quantum offers multiple methods for instant staff notifications, including email, text, and pages. Add Quantum™ Mobile for a convenient and secure alternative to pagers.

Proven Wireless

Built on a fully-supervised, industry standard UL 2560 compliant wireless network, the Quantum™ Nurse Call platform utilizes various monitoring devices such as pull cords and call buttons along with other devices to ensure resident safety. Quantum™ wearable call buttons can provide on-site location, giving your residents more freedom and security.

IP67 waterproof-rated call buttons are small, light and comfortable for your residents to wear and can assure your staff receives immediate notifications of button activation. A bright light signals alarm and low-battery conditions, and a vibration feature confirms alarm activation. This call button was specifically designed for senior living usage with advanced power management features and one year of battery life at five activations per day.

Full Accessible

The Quantum™ Nurse Call platform is fully secure and accessible using any mobile device or computer on your network. Simply log in to monitor activity and patterns, manage devices, and generate reports.

Customize your Quantum™ Nurse Call System with all of the Quantum™ offerings including Quantum™ Door Control System, Quantum™ Mobile Alerting and the Quantum™ Insights Report Module.

Supported Devices

  • Quantum Pull Cord
  • Quantum Mobile Wearable Call Buttons
  • Fall Management
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Smoke & Heat Sensors
  • Activity Detection – Motion Detectors
  • Universal Transmitter – Contact Sensors

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