JNL Announces Mobile Alert and Management App

IXONIA, Wis., June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — JNL Technologies, maker of Quantum™ nurse call, wander monitoring, and access control systems, announces the launch of Quantum Mobile. This mobile caregiving app provides a full-featured alternative to pagers, allowing caregivers to receive and claim alerts, check on resident welfare, log care activities, and more.

With Quantum Mobile, caregivers can claim ownership of an alert, letting their caregiver colleagues know that the alert is being taken care of. This eliminates duplication of effort and improves efficiency. If the responder does need assistance, the app can be used for secure caregiver-to-caregiver messaging.

“Secure communication amongst caregivers is critical for faster and safer care,” says James Gleason, JNL co-founder and president. “Quantum Mobile protects the resident’s privacy and provides a better alternative to caregivers.”

The app isn’t just about communication, it also enables service documentation. Caregivers can log the types of care provided while they are mobile providing valuable information for billing. Care managers can run reports to see exactly what their staff is doing and how long it takes. Other reports provide detailed records of who received, claimed and responded to the alert, as well as response times–all essential metrics for senior communities.

In addition to resident alerts, the mobile app can be used to test wander transmitter status and battery levels. It also receives resident check-in reports, so caregivers can remotely check on the welfare of their residents.

“Our app runs on almost any Android handset, which makes it an affordable and secure choice for senior communities,” according to Gleason.

Quantum Mobile was built for redundancy from the ground up. In the unlikely event of a network or phone failure, the system can quickly detect the failure and reroute alarms to alternative devices, such as pagers or text messages.

These advanced features grew directly out of customer input. “JNL doesn’t develop in a black box,” says Gleason. “We are very responsive to our customers, and when they identify a need, we build and deliver a powerful solution.”

The Quantum system is comprehensive and scalable, designed to meet both budget and community size requirements. It is currently installed in facilities across the country.

About JNL

JNL is a leading provider of nurse call and resident monitoring technology in the senior housing market. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in aging, health care, nurse call, remote monitoring and wander management technology, JNL has created Quantum, a unique and seamless nurse call, access control, and wander management system. Using a network of vetted and trained partners, JNL offers full-featured senior safety technology to long-term care communities throughout the United States. For more information, visit jnltech.net, or contact info@jnltech.net