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Quantum Unified Monitoring

Explore the Quantum Family of advanced monitoring solutions including wander management, access control, nurse call, and mobile alert management, each product available individually or together in a single platform.

Door Control, Access, Keypad, Security, Access Control, Door, Wander Management

Wander Management and Access Control

Quantum Door Control is the only single-platform wander management and access control system on the market.

Pull Cord, Fall Pendant, Nurse Call, Quantum Mobile, Mobile Nurse Call, Bluetooth Safety Technology

Wireless Nurse Call System

Quantum Nurse Call gives residents freedom and security with attractive and convenient wireless call buttons and pull cords.

Quantum Dashboard, Incident Report, Intuitive Insights,  Safety and Security Software, Senior Security Software

Mobile Alerting and Management

This phone-based alternative to pagers, adds staff efficiency tools. Quantum Mobile helps Caregivers reduce response times by eliminating duplicate efforts.

Senior Safety and Security Software Dashboard, Unified Insights and Reports

Care Tracking and Insights

Quantum Insights analyzes the extensive alarm and care information collected by the Quantum system to provide actionable patterns and trends in your community.

Quantum Dashboard, Unified System Reporting

Corporate Dashboard

Unify reporting and management of multiple Quantum systems, and gain insight into the performance and operations of all facilities corporate-wide.

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